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Automatic Bandsaw, Horizontal Bandsaw, Circular Bandsaw


Massive Selection of High Performance Automatic Band Saws

For one of the most extensive offerings of automatic band saws and related products you have to check out Singular Machinery’s products. We offer a wide range of machines including automatic bandsaws, horizontal bandsaws, horizontal metal bandsaws, circular bandsaws, and automatic band saws. For any company looking to get ahead in the industry then look no further than our products.

Known for our precision and high-quality manufacturing processes, all of our products are CE certified giving us a leading position in the Asian market. Through collaboration with large European manufacturers we have developed several automatic bandsaws that meet the needs of the global market.

High Quality / High Rigidity / High Efficiency

Our Range Of Sawing Machines : Automatic Bandsaw, Horizontal Bandsaw, Circular Bandsaw

Singular Machinery Co., Ltd. manufactures and supplies quality sawing machines, including Column Type Bandsaws, Circular Brandsaws, and Pivot Type Bandsaws. Apart from that, we also provide the service of designing singular sawing machines, which meet the diverse demands of customers. Recently, we are producing Metal Bandsaw Machines with high quality and establishing the strong famous brand named “Singular” in the worldwide.

To reach the objective of creating maximum value for our customers, our engineers continuously working on machines have achieved the highest combination of speed and exactitude in our products.

We provide different types of bandsaw, including automatic bandsaw, horizontal bandsaw, horizontal metal bandsaw and circular bandsaw. If you interested in our products, please click the link below to view the products or E-catalog.

Column Type Band Saw

NC Band Saw

Fully Automatic Band Saw

Semiautomatic Band Saw

Pivot Type Band Saw

NC Band Saw

Fully Automatic Band Saw

Circular Saw

Circular Saw

Singular Machinery Co., Ltd.
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