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Horizontal Metal Bandsaw

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Horizontal Metal Bandsaws Extreme Cutting Capability

For many years, Singular has been creating extremely impressive horizontal metal bandsaws and related automatic band saws. With a complete dedication to perfection, all of our machines are tried and tested to give you the high-quality product you need to stay ahead in the industry. Offering a wide range of functions and superb blade speed control will give you the capabilities you are looking for.

All of our horizontal metal bandsaws feature extreme cutting capabilities and rigid structures they can cut large capacities of metal very quickly. The blades and guides used work seamlessly together to deliver exceptional sawing capabilities. Furthermore we offer a wide range of optional extras that can further enhance the machining functions and allows for bundle cutting or automatic feeding for example.

Pivot Type Band Saw

Our Range Of Pivot Type Band Saw: Horizontal Metal Bandsaw

Our company has been endeavoring in developing talent. Until present, we have top notch talent to maintain our product competitive advantage. Our development engineers produce diverse range of horizontal metal bandsaw machines to meet customer demand. Each machine is with excellent design that combines the control system and high transmission efficiency, which offers products with more stable quality to our customers.

Until present, we have developed multiple series and models to satisfy customer needs. If you need further information, click the following link to view details for the machines. If you have any question, Don’t hesitate to contact us for any further information.

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