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Horizontal Bandsaw

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Cutting-Edge Horizontal Bandsaws from Singular

The outstanding range of horizontal bandsaws from Singular have won worldwide acclaim for their excellence and impressive machining capabilities. Designed with a very rigid structure and very secure vises, our machines are leading the way forward in bandsaw design. Continually updating our designs has allowed us to stay one step ahead of the competition.

In particular, our horizontal bandsaws have been used by large manufacturing and construction companies across the world and they all can attest to the supreme quality of our products. With blade tension devices and adjustable blade speed, our horizontal bandsaws offer extreme machining for a wide range of cutting functions. Furthermore, the automatic feeding and clamping means there is little to no operator intervention thus reducing labor costs.

Column Type Band Saw

Our Range Of Column Type Band Saw : NC Band Saw, Fully Automatic Band Saw, Semiautomatic Band Saw, Particular Cutting

Since 2005, Singular Machinery has been specializing in producing column type band saw. Our development engineers provide a variety of brandsaw with high quality, including exceptional horizontal bandsaw, NC band saw, fully automatic band saw, and semiautomatic band saw. With PLC control system, our column type band saw machine can control electric and hydraulic functions. Consequently, the average processing time and cost is diminished. Choosing Singular Machinery with high quality makes your future investment more secure. If you need a horizontal bandsaw machine to improve your productivity, please visit our page immediately.

NC Band Saw

Singular is the first choice in Band Saws for many international buyers and in this video I will show you one of their latest models, the column type SH-8070NC Band Saw.

This column type hydraulic band saw is for heavy cutting with a very large central column and side supporting column to provide accurate and powerful cutting of material up to 700mm diameter.

Motor and Transmission

Fast and efficient power transmission is key to cutting performance and on the SH-8070NC from Singular a high efficiency belt is used to avoid slippage and ensure maximum cutting power is maintained.

Additionally the gearbox system on this model uses only the highest quality components to ensure durability and long service life.

Blade and Guides

To guarantee smooth cutting and extend blade life, Singular uses only the best carbide blade guides with hydraulic clamping control on their machines. Additionally to provide blade protection and reduced sawing noise, the anti blade vibration feature is also a standard feature on all of the machines in this series.

The SH8070 also comes with Hydraulic blade tension control as standard, allowing the blade to be automatically loosened after cutting to prolong blade life and reduce your production costs.

Added to this Singular uses three sets of guide bearings for the blade that help to extend blasé service life, and along with the anti vibration feature, together reduce noise pollution during cutting operations.

As an additional safety feature, the SH8070NC is also equipped with breakage sensors, that shut off the machine in the event there is no work piece, or when blade stalling or breakage occurs.

Vise and Clamping

The SH-8070 uses floating vises front and rear to allow for simple and smooth material feeding at all times.

This machine also comes with two highly valuable production control features.

Firstly we have the length setter. This feature uses a magnetic detector for stock length to avoid the issues of dirt build up that can occur with other length setting solutions.

Additionally the out of stock sensor on this machine uses a photoelectric cell to detect when stock length is less than required cut length to prevent and feeding issues or damage to the machine.

Control Systems

The simple to use touch screen and symbol control combination on the SH-8070NC is key to production success in your workshop. This allows even unskilled operators to quickly master the operational functions of the machine and resolve any cutting issues with the clear fault detection and resolution functions.

The powerful PLC NC control system is specially laid out for simple maintenance and trouble free operations.

With the option of up to 20 preset jobs you can easily run small batch production runs without the need for constant set ups, saving you time and increasing your production efficiency.

The SH-8070 column type band saw from Singular represents years of expertise in band saw design and production. With its wealth of productivity features, efficient cutting power and advanced control functions, this is a machine that you have to consider for your cutting operations.

Fully Automatic Band Saw

Semiautomatic Band Saw

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