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Our Range Of Column Type Band Saw: Circular Bandsaw

Singular Machinery is located in Taichung City, Taiwan. We have the top technology to build different types of sawing machines to meet your highest need. Our circular bandsaw machines can be used with infinitely variable blade speed with the assistance of Inverter, a double-connected type belt is adopted to avoid sliding. The power is fully transmitted to saw blade. With easy replacement device of belt, it saves time. And they can also enhance production capacity of presenting unparalleled efficiency and lengthening longevity.

We persist in the service aim of “Quality First, Customer Supreme, Perfect Service.” Pursing the maximum benefit to our customers’ investment is our supreme mission. We sincerely welcome customers from all over the world to cooperate for our mutual benefits and joint development.

Singular Machinery has been renowned for its cutting machines for many years in global markets and has now developed the SC-75A Tungsten Carbide circular saw for automated bar stock cutting.

In this video you will see some of the special features of this machine as well as the cutting capabilities which have made this so popular in worldwide markets.

Material Stacker

With any high volume cutting operation, the stability of the automated loading system is key to your production efficiency. The SC-75A has a redesigned stack up loader that can hold a huge amount of solid bar from 3-6m in length for automated cutting. This reduces operator supervision and increases your workshop efficiency.

Automatic Hydraulic Material Lifting

With solid bars it is vital to have a proven lifting system that can effortlessly handle the long bar stock and easily move it into position. The powerful hydraulic lift on this model is designed to handle bar stock with ease and guarantees long term trouble free operation.

Servo Motor Drive And Ball Screw Feed Transmission

Whilst some manufacturers only use a hydraulic feeding system, on this model, Singular uses a servo and ball screw system as standard. This delivers the torque to accurately position the bar stock, whilst the material is securely held down in place by the hydraulic push down system to ensure accurate material positioning before entering the sawing head.

Hydraulic Vise

Secure clamping is very important to maintain accurate cutting and on the SC-75A, Singular uses powerful hydraulic multi-point clamping to ensure that the material position is always maintained during cutting.

Servo Saw Head feed (Standard)

Saw head feeding control has a great impact on your cutting efficiency and with this model, Singular has installed a servo motor and ball screw combination that delivers the in-feed control and precision you need.

To go with this Singular also includes a electro-magnetic powder brake to ensure precision cutting at optimum speed every time.

For lubrication, Singular has added an oil mist system that provides more effective lubrication for cutting and extends the blade life.

Additionally Singular uses a hydraulically powered chip brush that actively cleans chips from the saw blade. This extends blade life and maintains cutting efficiency.

Automatic Head and Tail Piece Separation

Separating the head and tail-pieces at the ends of each bar is easily achieved on the SC-75A as the system automatically moves the out-feed to the correct hopper position when it detects the beginning and end of each bar. This allows for longer unattended operation and easy disposal of the off cut material.

Control Panel

Having a simple to learn control system is important for your operation, and the conversational interface on this SC-75A with touch screen allows your operators to get this machine up and running rapidly to maintain your production efficiency.

Singular has a well established global reputation for their sawing machines and the SC-75A with its upgraded Saw Head feed and easy to learn control system will deliver years of trouble free, automated operation for your workshop.

Singular Machinery Co., Ltd.
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