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Automatic Band Saw - Pivot Type Fully Automatic Band Saw

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Exceptional Fully Automatic Band Saws

Singular offer a wide range of exceptional automatic band saws that meets the needs of a wide range of machining capabilities. Through continued product development we aim to deliver automatic sawing machines that enhance our customers’ productivity and deliver top quality cutting results. The vise and clamping systems we use are all top notch and result in accurate and stable clamping at all times.

Furthermore as we aim to update our designs with useful features we can design automatic band saws with a wide range of built-in special features. Not to mention the expert safety features which ensures operator safety at all times. Through continued product development has Singular managed to stay ahead of the competition and will continue to work closely with all of our valued customers.

Automatic Band Saw

Fully automatic band saw is one of pivot type band saw, has two types of model specifications,, with the cutting capacity size ranging from W10XH10~W300XH280mm to W10XH10~W400XH330mm. Each model is with PLC control and inverter control system, so that infinitely variable blade speed can be controlled, control panel and touch screen collocated with human machine interface allow easy operation and high efficiency. The information of problems and troubleshooting are showed in screen when machine operates abnormally and historical data also recorded for reference. And the mechanical wear and power consumption can be reduced as well.

Such a great advancement has received wide recognition from the automatic band saw industry; additionally, the high quality models have also gained customers’ trust.

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